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I was volunteering at a Con a few weeks ago and I about died when we started going over the safety codes. 

Do you know what the code for a missing child is?

Do you?

Missing child. 

Think about it.

The code for a missing child. 

I’ll give you a hint.


Code Adam.

The code for a missing child is Code Adam.


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If you were to go a One Direction or a Justin Bieber concert you see all the kids in their best dresses with fancy shoes and they’ve done their hair and they’re making themselves all prim and proper, they want the guys to see them or whatever. Whereas my fans are very similar to me, every single one of them is a misfit. They gravitate towards me, they like the misfit thing. It’s relatable. That’s why they’re so sound, they’re all misfits like me

-Ed Sheeran, AU News (via sheeriosnotcheerios)

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this picture is perfection [x]